Measuring the Impact of Product Information

As empowered customers seek more and more information online, the importance of detailed product documentation and user manuals has grown far beyond its traditional after-sale and support role. Nowadays it is a critical enabler for sales, customer satisfaction and brand advocacy.

Yet little research has been done to analyze exactly how customers access these types of collateral, to what extent they are leveraging the information, and how it is influencing their perception of a product or brand. Therefore SDL conducted extensive research among professionals in the US, Europe, and Japan to uncover today’s needs for information seekers, and compare these results to previous research from 2012 to discover changed behavior.

Watch this webinar to learn more about:

  • What do customers search for?
  • How and where do they search?
  • Are there any significant regional differences in behavior?

In addition we covered how SDL technology can help you overcome the hurdles of managing technical product information, enabling you to better accommodate today’s needs of information seekers. By the end of this recorded webinar, you’ll be armed with the knowledge and data points required to better your customers’ information needs.

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