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Transformational Web Content Management

for Continuous Customer Journeys

What is SDL Tridion Sites?

SDL Tridion Sites is a web content management system built for global organizations that know content is a critical business asset. 

Powering your digital customer experiences globally, it combines centralized control with in-market customer relevance for continuous customer journeys.

SDL Tridion Sites provides the scalability organizations need for global deployment while supporting rigorous brand management, marketing agility and flexible delivery.

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Differentiate Through Customer Experiences

Tridion Sites - Be Consistent

Be Consistent

SDL Tridion Sites manages design, content, layout and business logic. It ensures these elements are used consistently for a unified global brand image.
Tridion Sites - Be Local

Be Local

SDL Tridion Sites was designed with language in mind through integrated translation management and multilingual content management.

Tridion Sites - Be Relevant

Be Relevant

SDL Tridion Sites uses both persistent customer data as well as in-the-moment behavioral information to provide customers with what they’re looking for.
Tridion Sites - Be Nuanced

Be Nuanced

Combine corporate content with in-market content, such as local campaigns, culturally nuanced imagery and messages, and region-specific product information.

Differentiate Through Operational Excellence

Tridion Sites - Collaborate & Build

Collaborate & Build

SDL Tridion Sites provides a centralized web content management environment so even the most globally dispersed teams can collaborate and build digital experiences that create business value.

Tridion Sites - Create & Manage Content

Create & Manage

SDL Tridion Sites provides centralized access to shared corporate content, images, design, functionality, structure and pages so you can reuse content across multiple sites, channels, brands and markets.

Tridion Sites - Translate & Localize Content

Translate & Localize

Send and manage translations directly from within the CMS using integrated translation management. When the multilingual content is ready, pages are automatically populated, ready for testing, review and delivery to region-specific sites.

Tridion Sites - Deliver & Distribute Content

Deliver & Distribute

Coordinate the delivery of content, functionality and business applications across customer touchpoints and devices to launch campaigns, products, country sites or brands.

Differentiate Through Technology

SDL Tridion Sites - BluePrinting


SDL Tridion Sites’ foundational technology, BluePrinting, maps your information architecture into a content hierarchy, providing reuse of website building blocks and speeding up the delivery of new content and functionality across channels.

Fast Implementations

Tridion Sites - Interoperability

Interoperability & Integrations

Open APIs and connectors help you integrate with your enterprise technology stack, including CRM, PIM, marketing automation, commerce, portal, analytics and other enterprise applications.

Tridion Sites - Deployment Flexibility

Deployment Flexibility

SDL Tridion Sites supports both traditional and headless content delivery through RESTful APIs and a secure decoupled architecture. You can deploy system elements in different logical and physical environments, on premises, in a hybrid setup, or in the SDL cloud.



  • Managed information hierarchy
  • Translation & localization management
  • Targeting & personalization 
  • Componentized content 
  • Rich open APIs 
  • On-premises, hybrid or fully-managed cloud deployment
  • Headless and traditional omni-channel delivery

Part of SDL Tridion DX

Through the power of SDL Tridion DX, marketing teams can deliver marketing-led experiences enriched with in-depth product content across touchpoints. 

SDL Tridion DX Marketecture

Ars Logica Names SDL Tridion Sites in Top Two Leading WCM Platforms

Tony White, Founder, Ars Logica. "SDL Tridion Sites shines in its technical innovation, and ability to handle incredible complex, content-hungry environments - it should be a top consideration for any multinational corporation facing the challenge of managing and marketing their online brands across geographies, languages, and channels."
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