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Empower your teams to effectively collaborate, communicate and manage software localization from end to end within one centralized environment. SDL Passolo offers intelligent workflows and intuitive project management features that produce faster multilingual software releases, higher quality software localization and more efficient processes.

eBook: An introduction to software localization

Read this eBook to examine why software localization has become so crucial and how companies can implement a successful process that delivers truly world-class software.

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Simplified software localization

Streamline and simplify the software localization process with an easy-to-use, visual environment and flexible project management workflows.

Faster time to market

Speed up the software localization process by managing software localization and translations in parallel with programming and QA sprints.

Exceptional user experiences

Build high-quality software and documentation following software localization best practices that deliver exceptional user experiences in any language.

Faster localization of software

Reuse your translation resources as effectively as possible during software localization. SDL Passolo is tightly integrated with SDL’s leading translation software: SDL Trados Studio; SDL MultiTerm and SDL's translation management systems, giving you full access to existing translation assets and terminology glossaries.
Faster localization of software


Test your software in real-time and prevent globalization errors, such as hard-coded texts.

Visual localization

See software menus and dialogue boxes in the same view as when the software is running via the WYSIWYG editor in SDL Passolo.
Sophisticated Project Management

Sophisticated project management

Take control of software localization projects and improve communication and collaboration between translators, reviewers and engineers by leveraging comprehensive project management. SDL Passolo also supports agile development processes such as Scrum. And with SDL Passolo Collaboration edition, you can instantly incorporate updates from your development cycle into your localization projects to reduce the workload on localization managers and translators and keep projects up to date.

Code protection

Protect your source code from bugs during the translation process through automated version control, proper permissions and better process management.

Smarter sprints cycles

Achieve greater efficiency and faster time to market by running localization processes in parallel with agile development cycles and as part of programming sprints.

Visibility and control

Maintain a complete picture of any project by analyzing user edit histories and stay in control with smart user and task management.

QA checking

Deliver more accurate and consistent software in multiple languages with extensive quality controls, automated workflows and modern translation management tools.
QA Checking

User interface checks

Perform user interface checks to find truncated text, overlapping control elements and missing or inconsistent access keys.

Technical consistency checks

Find missing translations, monitor the correct usage of tab and space characters and indicate whether incorrect characters have been used in the target code.

Linguistic consistency checks

Monitor the correct usage of specified terminology. Find prohibited words and forbidden terms in the translation and inconsistencies across the reoccurring text entries.
Extensive compatibility

Extensive compatibility

Enable easier localization of any graphical user interface for mobile applications, on-premise or SaaS software products, consumer electronics and engineering machines with an extensive range of file formats that stay compatible with the latest Microsoft technology, file filters and languages.

Customization and integration

Build your own ideal software localization environment by developing add-ins using the SDL Passolo Software Development Kit or downloading third party add-ins. SDL Passolo can also be automated via the command line and integrated into a build server environment, while the COM object model and the integrated development environment allow for the automation of recurring tasks or complete integration with external systems.
Customization and integration