SDL Software Localization Solution

Deliver a flawless software user experience in every market

Sim-ship globally with ease

Sim-shipping a localized software release not only extends your revenue potential, but also increases customer satisfaction. Enable simultaneous multi-language releases with SDL’s software localization solution.

You can extend your development team with SDL to simplify software localization. We'll take care everything from UI text expansion ti unforeseen locale-specific user issues.

Our decades of software localization experience and automation technology ensure efficient and high-quality output in every language, with supporting internationalization and testing expertise.

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SDL software localization services at a glance

Internationalization: We begin the process by assessing whether your product has been properly internationalized and can support other languages. We use a process called “pseudo localization” to identify where your software can’t display translated text for any reason.

Localization: Once we receive your source code and files for translation, SDL localization engineers isolate translatable text from code. Following translation they then merge files back to their original format. This process includes quality steps, ensuring translated files are error-free and can be merged back into the build environment. 

Testing: The SDL Test Lab offers linguistic and functional testing, and supports more than 40 languages in a fully-equipped and secure test lab. This testing ensures that your localized software has gone through a complete testing cycle for any additional bugs.

Peace of mind for global software launches

  • Access expertise: Work with a team that offers more than 20 years of experience localizing software and applications.
  • Extend your team: We help you handle internationalization, localization engineering, translation and localization testing. 
  • Ensure quality: SDL has helped deliver some of the world’s most complex software launches.
  • Simultaneously ship: Accelerate software releases: automate localization tasks, process files and increase your bandwidth. 

Benefits of SDL software localization solutions

  • Drive global growth and revenue: Simultaneously ship software to the markets that matter to you.
  • Increase customer satisfaction: Implement QA processes to ensure a high-quality result.
  • Decrease time-to-market: Work in parallel with SDL to focus on your core competencies. 
  • Reduce costs: Avoid problems before they start by fixing software bugs before you launch. 

Is your software or application ready to go global?

We’ll provide a quick and easy pseudo-localization to help you find out.