SDL Post-Edited Machine Translation Solution

Translate more content for less

The speed of machine translation & accuracy of professional linguists

Reach global markets faster and more cost-effectively with SDL Post-Edited Machine Translation. 

Expert linguists edit and revise text that is pre-translated by a customized machine translation system. 

Our intelligent machine translation post-editing (iMT PE) processes over 200 million words per year for a wide variety of content types, including websites, help content, online documentation, user guides, wikis, FAQs, knowledge bases, alerts and more.

Features and benefits

  • Highly-skilled linguists: Rely on experts with superior linguistic skills, subject knowledge, and an MT background. 
  • Global market agility: Reach global audiences through high-quality, consistent translations – faster. 
  • Do more with less: Quickly and cost-effectively translate a broad range of content.
  • Strategic translation: Select an optimal combination of human translation and post-edited MT. 
  • Brand consistency: Ensure consistency through managed terminology. 
  • Lower costs: Reduce translation costs and translate a higher volume of content.

Integration points

SDL Machine Translation technology
Solutions for big data, big content and translation workflow efficiency.

SDL Translation Management Systems
Automated translation processes for greater control and faster time to market.

Machine Translation API
Easy MT integration with other commercial tools.

SDL Translation Productivity tools
Fast and accurate translations with leading productivity tools.