SDL Document Localization Solution

Create documentation that’s relevant for global customers

All the resources, tools and guidance you need

Well-localized documentation can have a big impact on your sales, education and support efforts globally. 

In addition, it is also often required for regulatory approval. Not only do the words need to be understood in all markets, but document layout needs to be accurate too, including images, screen captures, charts, graphs and more. 

The SDL Document Localization Solution help you efficiently and cost-effectively support the right languages, layouts, fonts and conventions for your markets.

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Key features

Translation options

We offer a variety of translation options for your documentation:

  • In-country linguists with local language, culture and subject matter expertise
  • Post-edited machine translation services for high-volume text
  • Translation productivity tools for brand, terminology & style consistency across documents

Structured content authoring technology

Using SDL Knowledge Center, technical authors can:

  • Create, manage and deliver structured content centrally using the DITA standard 
  • Publish to multiple formats, on multiple channels 
  • Manage content translations and automate translation processes

Author training & consulting

SDL provides author training to help you create source content that is clear, concise, consistent and less costly to localize. 

We evaluate your existing content and train authors and designers on best practices, including word choice, tone of voice, color use, icons, images and symbols, font choice, terminology and tools.

Global publishing

SDL's publishing teams support any file format and language. 

You gain access to our broad global publishing experience. We used advanced translation tools to automate file processing and we also provide technical services for localized desktop publishing, software and multimedia content. 


  • More efficient and effective multilingual documentation processes
  • In-house SDL translators well-versed in languages, local nuance and culture 
  • Author consulting and best practices

  • Automation through translation productivity tools and translation management technologies
  • Dedicated centers of excellence in desktop publishing, engineering and multimedia production
  • Cost savings from content reuse and translation leverage