SDL Contenta Publishing Suite

Technical content creation, management and delivery solutions for the global aerospace and defense industry. S1000D is the international specification of choice in this community for technical publications.
SDL makes S1000D easy.

SDL Contenta Publishing Suite

The SDL Contenta Publishing Suite is a complete, integrated, industry-proven publishing solution for technical content, with functionality optimized for each step of the publishing and delivery process.

We support companies just like yours to manage millions of pages of complex technical documents and deliver critical information so that maintenance professionals can meet mission objectives, reduce mean time to repair (MTTR), and keep assets deployed.

Common Source Database

Create, edit, manage, publish your data using one of the industry’s easiest to use common source databases (CSDB) to increase content accuracy and faster delivery across your content lifecycle. 

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Interactive Electronic Technical Publication

Publish your data to an advanced interactive electronic technical manual or publication (IETM / IETP) that delivers real-time personalized and dynamic content to improve accuracy, usability and decrease mean time to repair.

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Automated PDF/Print Publishing

Automate the composition, pagination and simultaneous publishing of your mission critical content, to create high-quality PDF/print output.

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United States Air Force Signs Enterprise Deal With SDL

S1000D Startup

New to S1000D?

  • Create unified business rules for your S1000D project to improve business processes and collaboration based on real-world project analysis using SDL’s BREX Builder.
  • Configure your S1000D project’s foundational data components with our easy-to-use, methodically-defined S1000D Foundation toolkit.
  • Start your S1000D program implementation off on the right track with select services, training and support that guarantee success.

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Just getting started with S1000D? Learn more about the S1000D specification; the industry standard for aerospace & defense technical documentation.
Is S1000D right for your legacy programs? Migrating from a legacy program to a complete S1000D implementation.