Why Upgrade to SDL Tridion Sites 9.1

Better Experiences, Operations and Technology

We’ve seen digital marketing change significantly over the past twenty years. Today’s online-all-the-time, omnichannel, digital-first customers and companies are a far cry from the early days of websites with flashing gifs and brochure-ware web pages when everything was new and unknown. 

SDL Tridion Sites 9.1 has continued to evolve to meet these changing market requirements, benefiting from the expertise of its customer, partner and technology community across industries. If you’re on Tridion 2013, Web 8, Tridion Sites 8.5, 9.0 consider an upgrade. 

This whitepaper explains how: 

  • The ‘headless’ content-first approach of SDL Tridion Sites enables companies to manage content centrally and deliver this content across the latest content platforms such as smart speakers, IoT devices, kiosks and in-car consoles in addition to traditional digital web, mobile and app touchpoints. 
  • Acting as a central foundational content hub by working with the many systems your organization uses. 
  • Efficiently SDL Tridion Sites can scale to any size, delivering high performance digital experiences globally 
  • Digital Experience Accelerators (DXA) to speed up the integrations across different platforms and by providing sample implementations. 
  • Supporting peak periods for your website, scaling up and down as required. 
  • Minimizing or even entirely eliminating downtime to ensure business continuity during the upgrade process. 

Read this paper to learn more of the areas in which we have made the most significant advancements, featured capabilities and the business value they bring to your organization.

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