Measuring the Increasing Impact of Technical Product Information

A Customer Survey Report

Once a consumer has researched a product and made their purchase decision, do they then largely ignore further product information? Or does product information continue to play a crucial role in educating customers and ensuring a positive experience? What impact does a customer’s interaction with product information have on product recommendations or brand loyalty?

This survey, conducted by SDL, uncovers new findings about the importance of product content in customer experience management (CEM) and why interactive, contextually-aware, multimedia product information is a must-have in any customer engagement strategy.

Read the report to discover:

  • The top 3 characteristics for good product content.
  • How the millennial information journey differs from other demographics.
  • Global differences in how product content is consumed around the world.

"Technical information in video format is gradually gaining ground. Younger consumers are showing more of a preference for Wikis and forums or user communities as trusted sources."