XPP Publishing Workflow

SDL XPP™ (XML Professional Publisher) is an automated XML publishing engine for complex and high-volume publishing applications.

This industry-leading software solution automates the composition and pagination of XML or virtually any other source data to create high-quality PDF or PostScript output.

Need to create PDF/UA compliant documents? SDL XPP allows you to meet regulatory requirements by enabling the tagging, bookmarks and annotations necessary for Universally Accessible content.

Customers around the world from a wide variety of industries find success with SDL XPP:

  • Aerospace and Defense 
  • Automotive
  • Catalogs and Directories
  • Commercial and Product Printing
  • Commercial Publishing Services
  • Financial Printing
  • Government Agencies
  • Journal and Book Printing
  • Legal Publishing
  • Reference Publishing

Download the data sheet to discover the SDL XPP advantage.