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Your Questions Answered on Content Optimization 

Our partner Content Rules just released a fantastic eBook on What is Content Optimization?

This visually rich overview looks at the reasons to optimize your content and includes best practices and practical advice. It looks at the elements of content optimization including structure, reuse, separating text from format, terminology management and translation memory. All are required aspects for any content management, terminology and translation governance process.

The eBook then summarizes specific steps for getting started with actions you should take for optimization. It delineates the differences between content, terminology management and translation memory (a favorite of mine). While each of these may require different skills and people, it describes why these processes are interrelated. I see it as providing an outline for technology and process investments by your organization.

Many organizations struggling with adopting a Global Content Strategy will want to review this eBook. It highlights each component with the right mix of overview and examples, providing excellent context. For example, in regarding to why structure is important (with details in the eBook):

  • Structure makes it easy to write content.
  • Structure make it easy to find content.
  • Structure makes content more nimble.
  • Structure makes it easy to store content.

The eBook details how content reuse works with structure and why they are interrelated. Two super-important points when writing content that is faster to create and update, more consistent and provides lower translation costs – all critical to speed up content supporting global markets. These points begin to build a business case to adopt XML-based authoring and automated translation with potential technology investments.

A suggestion for the next revision would be a section on the adoption of component/topic authoring and how it fits into a Content Optimization. It would incorporate the principles of minimization in writing a topic on a specific item.

A great eBook to read and reference frequently to guide you through planning and implementing. It fits well with SDL Knowledge Center for structured content management, SDL Translation Management and SDL Terminology Management.

Read a complimentary copy of What Is Content Optimization.