Unveiling an exciting new era for SDL and our customers

This is perhaps one of the most exciting weeks for me so far as SDL’s CEO. Any opportunity to meet with customers and partners is always welcomed, and with our SDL Connect event taking place this week in Palo Alto, California, I have an opportunity to do just that.

In the last 7 months I’ve had the privilege to meet many customers, partners, industry analysts and colleagues in many countries, all of which have informed my thinking and, more importantly, my vision for the company.

That vision is straightforward: we are transforming SDL into a global innovator and strategic partner to our customers, helping them create powerful relationships with their customers across the globe, through any device, and in any language.

Today’s world is customer centric, and content is the currency by which companies communicate with customers in the digital world, which is why content is everywhere. We believe the potential of that content lies in freeing it from the limitations of native language, geography, and culture in order to create understanding. This is why we think the next significant investment for global brands is precisely this: Delivering Understanding.

We are announcing some exciting product developments this week (and the coming weeks ahead) that reflect this vision. Already this week we’ve announced two initiatives.

Firstly, to help companies go global faster, we announced two solutions for managing the complete global content lifecycle from creation through translation and delivery for website and technical product content. The two revolutionary offerings, SDL Global Digital Experience Solution™ and SDL Global Knowledge Delivery Solution™, bring together best-in-class content management and translation management technology. By adopting a single solution, organizations can automatically trigger translation processes, monitor progress, review and publish new content, delivering greater efficiency, brand consistency and content quality.

Secondly, we announced the launch of SDL Marketing Solutions, enabling brands to adapt, manage and deliver content and digital experiences to customers on a global scale faster. For me this is a game changer in the industry, because no one else can offer this level of rich marketing services that includes managed web content, transcreation, copywriting and content production services. We’ve always provided these services, but now we’re scaling up to provide a real backbone service to augment global organisations so they can launch global campaigns and websites faster than ever before.

Look out for the other announcements we’ll be making. We’re at the beginning of an exciting future as we pioneer this ‘age of understanding’ and help our customers focus on content and language; global expansion and local relevance to ensure they deliver meaningful, nuanced, understandable content that transcends borders.

Exciting times ahead – watch this space!