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Top Ten Blogs of 2020

Wow. What a year that was.
Back in early 2020 none of us could have imagined what was to unfold. As we reach the end of the year, with vaccines starting to be rolled out, it does at least feel like there’s light at the end of the tunnel.
Each year we usually look at what our customers are saying about their many challenges, then work with our industry experts to offer practical, pragmatic advice to help them overcome them. That all went out the window this year. Customers just had one question – how to navigate through the pandemic.
Readers wanted to know how we’re supporting customers and what measures they could take to overcome the many challenges thrown up by the pandemic. It’s no surprise that the majority of our 80+ blogs focused on COVID-19. 
But which blogs proved to be the most popular? Here is our list of the top blogs in 2020.

10. Why Business Users Need Simple, Innovative Ways to Break Language Barriers in a Post-COVID-19 World

Back in June we announced the launch of SDL SLATE, a new online service for business users looking for a fast, reliable and secure translation service. Our blog looked at the main drivers for SDL SLATE, driven largely by COVID-19, and how we’re disrupting the online translation market.

9. Welcome to the New SDL Website

During the summer we announced a re-launch of Not just a revamp, but an entirely new look, feel and digital experience for customers, partners, prospects and investors. Our blog explored the new features and functionality in our digital experience – like straightforward navigation, scannable content and a fresh visual appeal.

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8. Future of Knowledge Management: Agile, Governed and AI-ready

The old adage that knowledge is power has never been truer. Particularly so this year, where most office workers became home-based, increasing the need for access to information, knowledge and collaborative tools. Our blog looked at the future of content management and its critical role in providing enterprise-wide knowledge sharing and collaboration.

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7. Working from Home During COVID-19. Don’t Forget Your Mental Health

Mental health and physical wellbeing often take a backseat role during a crisis. Our blog looked at the difficulties faced by workers forced to work from home, and offered tips and advice on how to stay healthy – like setting boundaries and cut off points, and taking a daily stroll (even in a virtual environment).

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6. Celebrating International Translation Day

Each year the world celebrates International Translation Day on September 30. This year, we asked our translators to share a short video explaining what being a translator means to them. The piece included an interview with Maria Schnell, Vice President of Global Language Offices at SDL, about the important role that translators play, the daily challenges they face, and what she loves most about working with translators.

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5. Three Ways You Can Become an ‘Augmented Translator’

Translators today have dozens of tools at their disposal to make them more productive. Everything from Computer Assisted Translation software, to machine translation and terminology databases can be accessed within a few clicks. Our blog looked at how translators can make the most of these tools, evolve their services, and become ‘augmented translators.’

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4. SDL Language Cloud: Early Preview to General Availability

First previewed in 2019 to great anticipation from the language industry, 2020 saw the arrival of SDL Language Cloud. Designed to accelerate and automate translation for all content types, languages and translation methods, SDL Language Cloud is an end-to-end intelligent translation solution powered by Hai, SDL Linguistic AI technology. Our blog revealed all the exciting new features.

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3. WCM, DXP, Agile CMS - SDL’s Take On Today’s Analyst Research

Early in the year some of the globe’s largest analyst firms shifted their focus onto the web content management market, driven largely by changing market dynamics and customer perceptions. Our blog looked at the evolution of the content management market from the analyst community’s perspective, and why we remain focused on a best-of-breed approach to our content management technologies.

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2. SDL Response to the Coronavirus: How We Are Supporting Business Continuity for Our Colleagues and Customers

Back in February, just as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, we activated a global crisis committee and ongoing business continuity plan to manage our response across all impacted countries and regions, to safeguard our people and minimize any impact to our business. Our blog outlined our initial response and the steps we took to ensure our customers’ services would not be impacted by the pandemic.

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1. SDL's Response to COVID-19

By March, it was clear that COVID-19 was here to stay for the foreseeable future. Our continuity plans were already underway, with 4,000 employees moved to working from home. Our blog looked in detail at how we were well prepared – based on past experience – to deal with the pandemic and continuing to provide customers with the services they had come to expect from us.

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And that’s it for 2020, our last blog of the year!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our readers. Your feedback and contributions have been invaluable in shaping our blog into what is today. Season’s greetings to everyone and we look forward to welcoming you back in the New Year!