SDL trados Studio 2015

The first service release for SDL Trados Studio 2015 is here!

SDL Trados Studio 2015

It has been a busy summer for us all at SDL. With the release of SDL Trados Studio 2015, we in the marketing department have been busy spreading the message about our great new release. The summer was busy too for our developers, who have been hard at work working on the first update – Service Release 1 (SR1) – for Studio, MultiTerm and GroupShare 2015, which I’m pleased to say is available from today.

Updates are common in the software industry and ensure users get the best performance from their investment in technology. And a service release is no different; it is a collection of bug fixes, product updates and feature enhancements, all of which are designed to increase stability, usability and performance. Users interested in a breakdown of what’s new in SR1 should check out these dedicated articles in our Knowledge Base:

One exciting update of note in SR1 relates to Translation Quality Assessment (TQA), which was a new feature introduced in Studio 2015. TQA enables users to define, assess and score the quality of translations against your own framework or pre-existing ones like TAUS DQF, J2450 or Lisa QA Model for example. Following the update in SR1, TQA now features an improved workflow for users wanting to remove the guess work out of quality evaluation. This makes TQA an even more powerful tool and one that gives users further opportunities to increase translation quality. You can expect to hear more about this exciting feature in the months to come.

When it comes to deciding on the contents of a Service Release, or even a new product release, ideas and suggestions originate from many places; our developers, product managers, sales and of course our customers. Feedback from translators, reviewers and project managers that use our software day in and day out is invaluable to us and a Service Release gives us a chance to implement customer feedback, without having to wait for the next version of Studio to be available. And the best part for our customers, Service Releases are free and quick to implement, with Studio and MultiTerm both offering automatic SR1 downloads.

User feedback has always played an important role in our development process. It has helped improve our products and has inspired us to introduce new ideas – like SDL OpenExchange – our App store. Ensuring feedback comes from all kinds of users is important and ensures we don’t just hear from power users or members of our Beta program. So if you have a comment or idea, don’t be shy about it, visit our customer forum. Our thriving online community is a great place to share your ideas, learn new tips and tricks as well as discuss translation issues important to you…or just log on and say ‘hi’!