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Taking your Business Global in the Age of Understanding

Last month, SDL held a manufacturing summit in Taipei, Taiwan, to mark the company’s 25th anniversary in the localization industry. The Summit was attended by localization professionals from Acer, ASUS, HTC and QNAP along with many other leading Taiwanese technology companies. In an increasingly globalized market, the summit brought to life how such companies can make content valuable to customers.
The Summit focused on six core themes including, facilitating understanding; language barriers in emerging markets; developing a global digital marketing strategy; new solutions for structured content management; best practices in technical writing; and the importance of multilingual product testing.

Nancy Tao, SDL’s General Manager in Greater China, explained in her opening keynote that with the ongoing information explosion, understanding is more important than ever: customers increasingly want to interact with brands on an individual level and expect personalised content.

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SDL’s market analyst Michelle Chen expanded on this, discussing the trends in technology such as flowing, tracking, interacting, and screening during development which will enable businesses to meet this increasing demand.

She also identified the huge growth potential in South and Southeast Asian markets – like India and Indonesia – over the next five years. The significant driving factor in growth in these areas will be smaller cities and rural areas – where localized content is needed.
Organizations must be sure to develop a content strategy that meets the needs of local consumers, who often lack digital skills, before investing in emerging markets. Guest speaker Bonnie Lin, Digital Marketing Project Manager at Acer, discussed how companies can do exactly this.

In her session, Bonnie explained how companies need to identify their target customers, and understand the psychological factors that motivate them to buy similar products. Adapting to customer behaviour as quickly as possible and developing a digital marketing strategy that can be executed both globally and locally were key take away points from this session.

Senior Manager in QNAP’s technical writing department, Trini Hu, shared best practices in technical writing and discussed the main challenges faced with balancing content, technology, employee skill and workflows when transitioning to a structured content management system.

QNAP started using SDL Knowledge Center in January 2017, and the system has already enabled QNAP to reuse more content, reduce localization and translation costs, and automate desktop publishing. Staff now have more time to spend on other tasks like enhancing product technology and translation quality assurance.

The Manufacturing Summit also highlighted the essential element of product testing in localization and globalization. Sherman Hu, Director of Global Solutions at SDL China raised several challenges for companies when selling products in emerging markets – from adapting to customers’ evolving needs to getting local content platforms right. He also introduced attendees to SDL’s Test Lab services which test products for errors before they are released to a global or local market.

As the information explosion continues, SDL is committed to facilitating the age of understanding to make content more valuable to both companies and customers. The 2017 SDL Manufacturing Summit in Taipei was a great success in promoting the Age of Understanding and highlighting the effective use of technology to develop high-value content for our customers.

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