Sometimes, Your Translation Just Can't Wait

It’s first thing Monday morning. You ended the week celebrating with your sales colleagues a win you helped bring home. As legal counsel, you get final sign off on contracts and this one is going to be great! As you log on, coffee in hand, the first thing that grabs your attention is the email flagged 'Immediate Action Required.' That contract now needs to be reviewed and signed by your colleagues in Spain and Germany and they don’t speak English. This needs to happen by end of day and you’re already behind.
Typically, translation projects would be submitted to the localization team and you would get your translated copy back within 2-3 days. Unfortunately, you can’t wait that long and you can’t risk this to something you can’t trust. What do you do?
Or let’s say you’re in marketing. You find out—at the last minute—that you need to get a new product FAQ over to the sales teams, across dozens of languages, but only you and a small circle of trusted colleagues are aware of the upcoming launch. Confidentiality is critical to the success of the launch. Your localization team is already behind on the advertising copy, so you know your request will have to wait. You need something quick, reliable and trusted.
There are many situations that require professional translation that is delivered in near real-time. SDL set about filling the gap between purely automatic and purely manual with a solution that:
  • Blends intelligence, technology and expertise
  • Is easy to use, always-on, and always accessible
  • Can handle virtually any document and dozens of languages
SDL SLATE (Smart Language Translation for the Enterprise), which launched in June 2020, supports dozens of languages. It’s based on the powerful, proprietary and award-winning SDL Machine Translation technology (NMT), and offers easy access to business content experts for review and revision. It also capitalizes on SDL’s 20+ years of technology innovation and is backed by the innovative SDL Language Cloud foundation for seamless automation of work to be completed.
Our 1,400+ strong in-house network of specially trained translators are ready to help when review and revision are needed. An AI backbone ensures continuous, personalized improvement with every completed project. Whatever your word count, or file type, SDL SLATE is a flexible and efficient route to securely translating short form or long form documents—whenever you need to call upon it.