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SDL’s New Integrated Content Management and Translation Product Portfolio

Global companies deliver content in many languages. That seems like an obvious statement, doesn’t it?

As self-evident as it is, most global companies still don’t have integration points between their content and translation technology. A recent SDL-commissioned Forrester report noted that only 29 percent of companies have integrations between their content management and translation management systems.

As you know, SDL has been focusing on enhancing and building on the technology and services we are already acclaimed for. At CMSWire’s Digital Experience Summit in Chicago, 14-16th November, SDL announces a new integrated solution that combines translation process automation with centralized content management.

Moving Past Business as Usual

Global organizations are, in some ways, used to the disjoint and the less-than-efficient processes that surround translating and rolling out global content. They build buffers into their schedules and take for granted the copy-paste and error prone processes of yesteryear. But content – and particularly global content – remains key to their global businesses.

Listening to our customers’ on-going challenges, we shaped our solutions to provide the combination of technology and translation that will transform the way they go global through two bundled offerings:

Global Web Content

This bundle combines the cloud-based SDL Web solution with Language Cloud to provide:

  • Direct submission of content for translation from SDL Web
  • Real-time translation status updates
  • Built-in translation review workflows that include in-progress review
  • In-context translation previews
  • Trained machine translation engines for select industries
  • Translation memory.

Multilingual Technical Documentation

This bundle combines the cloud-based SDL Knowledge Center solution with Language Cloud to provide:

  • Direct translation requests from within SDL Knowledge Center
  • Fully management multilingual content management
  • Trained machine translation engines for select industries
  • Translation memory

The New Standard

The most exciting outcome for our customers is the way these combined technologies simplify global content. We really believe we are setting a new standard for how things are done. We believe that ‘business as usual’ for global companies will be transformed with translations and multilingual content management as integrated in daily business as sending an email.