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SDL Tridion DX. A New Paradigm for Captivating Audiences Across the Customer Journey

Think back to the first time you ever visited a website. It was a static, one way experience. Almost like reading an information-rich brochure. Back then it was all new, so it was a wonderful, captivating experience. That’s once the page loaded of course over your 14.4k modem.

How things have changed

Consumers now spend, on average, 9 hours a day consuming digital media, across any one of their 4 connected devices. They’ve become accustomed to receiving exciting, dynamic digital experiences. Their insatiable appetite for more personalized experiences is forcing change, and the industry has adapted well; shifting from one-way publishing to extensive online interaction. Brands like Amazon, Netflix and Spotify have set the tone – using their wealth of content to provide deeply personal digital experience, across any device.

The Industry Lacks Progress

But most industries still fall behind. Customers today, despite all content management advances, still lack continuity when engaging with some of their favorite brands. They may have had a great experience looking at the products on your site, hopefully the purchase was seamless, but when searching for support material they end up somewhere else – hopefully on your support portal – mostly likely exposed to content in another language.

It’s issues like these – at perhaps the most critical point in the relationship – that invite frustration with brands. The only way to build truly meaningful relationships is to ensure a relevant, engaging and continuous experience across the pre-sale, sale, and post-sale phases of the customer journey.

Broken Content Supply Chains Lead to Fragmented Experiences

The digital journey consumers take is no longer linear. Consumers can approach brands from their phones, desktops, tablets, and even their wristwatches – from any place, at any time. Delivering continuity of experiences, across all these digital touchpoints, is difficult in just one language. Let alone a dozen languages where it all needs to be orchestrated in a way that’s meaningful, and personalized to encourage consumers along the next step of their journey.

The reality for global brands is that their content supply chain is broken, holding them back from delivering continuity, locally relevant content and appropriate personalization. Sixty-two percent of brands reported they have 5 or more content repositories, while 36 percent have 10 or more, to serve up digital experiences.

This leads to incredibly fragmented technology environments – and, as a result, fragmented customer journeys.

Say hello to SDL Tridion DX

Engaging with consumers across all these points, at any stage of the customer journey, is where the industry and brands fall behind. And it’s why, at SDL Connect today, we’ve launched SDL Tridion DX, a way for brands to finally unify these previously fragmented customer experiences, regardless of how the customer approaches their brand. Taking our digital past – over 25 years – in content management, language services and machine learning we will help our customers shape their digital futures and embrace I a new era of customer engagement, ensuring a continuous, relevant, and engaging experience across the pre-sale, sale, and post-sale phases of the customer journey.

Best of Both Worlds

SDL Tridion DX is a suite of 2 powerful software solutions, SDL Tridion Sites for Web Content Management and SDL Tridion Docs for Structured Content Management.

As part of the launch, we’ve rebranded SDL Web to SDL Tridion Sites and SDL Knowledge Center to SDL Tridion Docs. We are also launching a new version of SDL Tridion Docs that ships with a new delivery environment, shared with SDL Tridion Sites, to enable product-led content to be blended with SDL Tridion Sites managed marketing content.

The combination allows businesses to create, optimize, personalize, and push content across their entire digital landscape spanning the pre-sale, sale and post-sale of the customer journey.

What about Machine Learning?

SDL Tridion DX provides machine assisted authoring to improve the quality of content using Acrolinx software. It provides guidance, suggesting improvements on style, tone of voice, clarity, grammar, spelling and preferred terminology, while dashboards enable monitoring of overall content quality. This helps keep large, globally dispersed teams of authors, on brand when writing and translating content.

SDL’s advancements in AI capabilities, based on 15 years of natural language processing expertise, will soon add the option to create text variations and summaries, extract the gist and create keywords to speed up the creation of personalized content variants across different touchpoints (web, email, social, mobile, POS systems, kiosks, in-car entertainment systems, games etc.)

Who Can Use it?

SDL Tridion DX is developed with both Marketing and Product Development teams in mind:

  • Product developers benefit from SDL Tridion Docs’ superb content reuse using the DITA standard and its dynamic publishing features to deliver tailored documentation. This means faster time to ship with better build-integrated documentation, easier content review processes, lower development costs (through automated publishing across multiple platforms and channels), and integrated documentation translation.
  • Marketers, facing tight deadlines and shorter product release cycles can consistently manage multiple online brands, digital assets and marketing messages with SDL Tridion Sites. It gives teams the ability to quickly build and evolve multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-brand websites to deliver locally relevant, personal experiences on a global scale to customers’ preferred channel and device – all while dramatically shrinking time to market.

What Makes SDL Tridion DX Unique?

Constantly reconfirmed by analysts’ market assessments is the ability to handle the extreme content volumes and complexity associated with multi-brand, multi-product, multi-site, multi-publication, multilingual environments. Our approach is not just to create an experience that blends pre-sale, sale and post-sale content into a single customer journey, but also to do that while maintaining the critical feature richness needed at the authoring level for the various types of content and making the required sophistication easy to work with.

To keep up with customer demand, companies need to rethink the way they approach the customer journey. Only by unifying experience delivery mechanisms for both marketing content, commerce elements and in-depth product content, can companies truly ensure a joined up digital experience during the entire online customer journey.

It’s why we’ve developed SDL Tridion DX. It pushes digital boundaries, drives the industry forward, scales up customer engagement efforts and, ultimately, helps brands captivate audiences again.

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