SDL Romania builds student accommodation with Blythswood Romania

From our SDL office in Cluj, Romania, 33 employees volunteered their time to get involved with a build project run by Blythswood Romania. Blythswood Romania is a charitable organisation which provides practical and spiritual care to those in need. Blythswood’s vision is to see peoples’ lives changed for the better and they do this through social assistance projects, humanitarian aid distribution and partnering with other NGOs.

The SDL team put in a great effort managing to nearly complete two apartments in just six days! These apartments will house some of Blythswood’s Centrul Daniel graduates in September. The SDL employees sanded, painted, laid flooring and put together furniture. These flats will offer low cost accommodation to the young graduates and allow them to start saving money in order to put down a deposit for a mortgage.


John McKellar, Head of Donor Development said: “SDL have helped us in a way in which we are extremely grateful. Each and everyone of them should be proud of their efforts and we cannot thank them enough for their help.

We hope that they enjoyed themselves in not only helping with the renovation, but also getting to know the young men who will benefit from their hard work. Working alongside them has been invaluable for them and is an integral part of their development in becoming independent. Of course, we also want to say thank you for their donations towards the work of Blythswood Romania".

Congratulations to the following people who took part in the build:

Costinela Gavril, Florina Paduraru, Denisa Berendea, Cristina Nistor, Anca Balc, Crina Berinde, Georgiana Cretu, Adela Pop, Gabriela Olariu, Anca Raita, Camelia Ignat, Lelia Cecalacean, Claudia Popa, Otilia Zaharia, Bianca Badarau, Paula Silaghi, Flavia Mare, Matt Sampalean, Botond Vince, Tudoran Paul, Uricariu Stefan, Radu Boloveschi, Bora Dan, Vasile Erdei, Arcturus Chis, Adrian Gocan, Cornel Rauca, Bogdan Moldovan, Adrian Danciu, Raul Bularca, Ionut Cornea, Mihai Toth.