SDL Partner Spotlight: Incentro

SDL Web partner, Incentro, has a dedicated team of product specialists that ensures successful implementations. Incentro consultant, Martijn Dams talked with us about its emphasis on providing both professional excellence and insight throughout their projects.

Tell us a little about how Incentro began

Martijn: Twenty years ago, a couple of visionaries set up a consultancy firm with the vision of helping customers with their online landscapes. One of our most important differentiators is our people who bring with them expertise and specializations covering everything from marketing automation to website development, management and design.

We began our focus on big clients within the Benelux and are increasingly also working with international customers as well. Our real goal is to not just provide implementation services but to also be a trusted advisor to help our clients find the best solutions possible for the best possible results.

Today we have more than 250 consultants. I think one of the things that makes Incentro stand apart is that it is genuinely invested in the happiness of its employees. When my colleagues and I are happy, satisfied and challenged by our work, we know we’ll also develop good relationships with our clients and do great work for them.

To be honest, when I first heard about ‘happiness’ as a guiding principle at Incentro I was skeptical, but I quickly realized that it was real, effective and above all, fun.

What does SDL Web offer its customers?

Martijn: In terms of globalization and translation, SDL Web (Tridion) really offers our customers everything they need to serve the world. For companies that want global websites for different countries to go online quickly there is no other product like it. A big thing is that SDL Web is really equipped to help a company scale globally while maintaining its brand.

SDL Web also provides a lot of integration points through its open API. This means that we can really integrate with any other best-of-breed products out there.

We’re also proud to be a part of the SDL Community. In fact, one of our employees, Thijs Borst was named an SDL Web MVP this year.

What do you think Incentro offers our mutual customers?

Martijn: We work to create a partnership that goes beyond just an implementation partner. By that I mean we have Scrum masters, business analysts and developers that all work together to make sure we can cover all the bases from a to z. This includes offering that trusted advisor role I mentioned; providing insights and expertise about globalization and translation, with a close eye on their future wishes, as well.

One of the projects we worked on using SDL Web (Tridion) was DNV GL. They are one of the world’s biggest classification systems for shipping and offshore systems. After a series of mergers, DNV needed to integrate their websites. We implemented SDL Web and used its taxonomy and keywords to make a great user experience so that anyone going to their site can quickly find exactly what they’re looking for.

“Tridion is perfect for managing the online environment of a global organization such as DNV GL, and it’s a great experience having the opportunity to manage such a major project." Pascal Schipperheyn