SDL Instant Translation: Give Employees Access to 100% of the Web

It might surprise you to know that only 45% of the world’s internet content is in English. There’s a whole world of highly valuable content and knowledge that may be inaccessible to you and your team because it is in the wrong language.

Most modern internet browsers have some basic translation capabilities—however, that capability alone isn’t new or that accurate and, more often than not, something we take for granted. But in reality, those free translation services certainly aren’t enterprise-grade and don’t allow for the kind of control that an enterprise needs to get valuable results. Most importantly, those services often lack the security credentials needed for today’s security-focused enterprise—particularly when it comes to submitting data. All in all, they should be a no-no for any business. 

Given the risk that free translation services introduce to your business, shouldn’t you provide your employees with a secure way to instantly translate web content? 

This is where SDL Instant Translation comes in. We want to make sure that our technology improves your employee experience, and gives them ways to securely understand content in any language. Our recently launched SDL Instant Translation plug-in for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge, allows you to simply highlight and translate words, phrases and the entire web page. And if you’d like the full rich, immersive digital experience, simply switch on the auto-detect language with continuous translation and any web page you visit will automatically be translated into your preferred language. 

As a feature of SDL’s Machine Translation software, this new capability extends SDL’s 25+ years of experience in linguistic technology, and our state-of-the-art neural net capabilities, to your browser. It removes any need for employees to use external, free translation services. Watch SDL Instant Translation in action…