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The Role of Mobile in Creating Our 8-Second Era

No other technology has impacted us in quite the same way as the smartphone.  There are officially more mobile devices in the world than people, and they’re multiplying 5 times faster.

As consumers, we’re always switched on.  Recent studies suggest that 90% of people don’t leave home without a mobile device and that 55% check their phone before even going to the bathroom in the morning.  On that note, it is indeed also a fact that more people worldwide have access to a mobile device than to a toothbrush or a toilet.

As consumers, it comes as no surprise to learn that this shift has changed buying behaviors for good.  Whether it’s finding a place to eat, researching a product, communicating for business or pleasure or connecting via social channels, mobile devices are our constant companions.

More than ever before, consumers are overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of content and offers available through every channel.  It takes us less time to find the information we need to make buying decisions and as a result the attention span of the average consumer has dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to just 8 seconds today – reputedly one second less than a goldfish!

So, how can your brand successfully transform its marketing practices to engage consumers in just 8 seconds?

Our latest Infographic will show you how. You can view or download it at: