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Pioneering the Future of Machine Translation

Advanced language technologies, such as machine translation, have a direct impact on the business value and future of an enterprise. Our scientists contribute to this innovation by implementing advanced computer science and applying their discoveries into SDL products used in the market. Through this technology and research, organizations are enabled with new ways to enrich global customer experience, optimize their brands and tackle Big Data, Big Language challenges.

We recently announced that three of our researchers from SDL Research have been nominated for the European Inventor Award 2013 for their contributions to technological, social and economic progress.  SDL Researchers Daniel Marcu, Kevin Knight, William Wong have been selected as finalists, alongside Philipp Koehn from the University of Edinburgh, in the “Research" category for their invention of “phrase-based joint probability model for statistical machine translation," an advanced method for automated computer translations.

“This revolutionary approach makes some of the most obscure languages in the world understandable to anyone with Internet access," said Benoît Battistelli, President of the EPO. “Today most of the big names in Internet translation, including Google and Microsoft, have integrated this model into general-purpose translation services such as Google Translate and Bing."

Though the team is consistently focused on advances in natural language processing, statistical prediction and machine learning, their innovation is constantly evolving to address “Big Language" business challenges and deliver a global customer experience across multiple languages and channels.

Driving innovation and technological advancement is in our company DNA and SDL is proud to have such a great team behind this. Today we continue to build our R&D teams so that we can deliver products, solutions and services that meet customers’ current and future requirements.

Find out more about the researchers driving the machine translation industry here.

SDL Research is looking for tomorrow’s thought-leading scientists. Exceptional research scientists, engineers, interns and post-doctoral students are invited to apply and participate in high impact, cutting edge research in natural language processing at a state of the art research environment.