SDL Partner Spotlight: Trivident

We had the opportunity to speak with founding partner Ron Grisnich from Trivident, an SDL Web implementation partner based in Amsterdam. He describes his growth of Trivident and their commitment as SDL Web specialists.

Tell us a little about how Trivident started

Ron: The founding partners of Trivident all worked at Tridion (prior to the SDL acquisition in 2007) within the professional services team in Amsterdam. Within that team I had the opportunity to get to know Quirijn Slings, Trivident’s other founder.  Over the years, we have worked on many different implementations and have built our expertise on the business needs of SDL Web customers.

We started Trivident as way to use our shared knowledge to provide SDL customers with the knowledge and expertise we gained along the way."

It really started with respect for each other’s technical skills. When Quirijn and I started the company we jokingly used the name ‘The A-Team’ to describe ourselves. You know, “If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team." We knew we could offer customers our experience based on a solid track record of implementations.

We based Trivident on this experience. Our first customers included an international electronics company and global bank who knew us from our reputation and we’ve continued to grow from there. We just moved to a new office, and all us are excited by our continued growth.

Tell us a little about your vision

Ron: Well we may not be a huge company, but we have what I think of as a crack team; a group of professionals who really know what we’re doing. We pride ourselves on our experience. Some of us have been around since early versions of Tridion. (Remember version 4 and 5.1?) Now we have worked on a huge number of implementations on all of the versions all the way through to Web 8.

In our opinion, SDL Web is a flexible and solid platform that meets the needs of large complex organizations. We only do SDL Web implementations and pride ourselves on being specialists. When new releases of the product are available we get our hands on it as soon as we possibly can to figure out what the new functionality will offer our mutual customers.

We encourage our employees to use each other’s knowledge and reach out to each other to gain from the wealth of experience I believe everyone in our team offers. To date, we’ve worked in almost every vertical implementing the SDL Web solution.

What do you think SDL Web offers its customers?

Ron: We really support SDLs refocus on its areas of excellence: global content technologies and language. We are confident that SDL has taken the right steps.

More recently, we see SDL address the next wave of content management trends with multi-channel, multi-device delivery through content reuse. In addition to translation, SDL Web helps companies deliver more relevant content.

We think SDL offers the best content management system for multi-site, multi-channel, multilingual and multi-brand websites. It really is a best-of-breed content management system that also lets customers choose the best possible integrations for what they want to do.

What do you think the main differentiators are for the SDL Web solution?

Ron: When you strip away all the marketing speak, we take a no-nonsense approach that convinces our customers to choose SDL Web. It sounds like an old story, but the reality is that SDL Web is based on a solid foundation.

BluePrinting is the foundation of SDL Web, but really no one else has the same type of inheritance model that can manage so many sites and languages so effectively. The fact that it’s been part of the product from day one is a huge strength that shows how solid it is."

Another main feature we always bring up is the fact that it has a modern open decoupled architecture with many extension points. Because of the quality of its API you can integrate with any piece of software. I am convinced of this before even knowing the details of the integrations our customers want.

And finally, and definitely as important, is the fact that SDL is also a translation company. The combination of its web content management software with integrations to SDLs translation services, you can translate content for multi-lingual web with the click of a button.

As I said before, we’re SDL Web (Tridion) specialists. And proud of it."