SDL Partner Spotlight: Content Bloom

We recently had the opportunity to speak with John Winter and Nick Roussakov, Co-Founders of SDL partner, Content Bloom. Please take a moment to read about their inspirational vision and commitment to excellence.

Tell us a little about Content Bloom.

John: In 2010, I was working as a freelancer and met Nick on a project. We we’re designing and building an SDL Tridion (now SDL Web) implementation. It was really a phenomenal project that went very smoothly. I think I immediately recognized what a pleasure it was to work with someone who also prioritized delivering quality and who was incredibly smart.

After the project was over, we started talking about future opportunities to work together, and maybe build a team that shared the same dream and aims.

Nick: After a few months passed, we were still in touch by email. John contacted me and told me, “We have a project." We quickly created a company, brainstormed ideas for a name, and Content Bloom was born.

What we wanted, our vision, was to create a company that offered excellence in implementations."

What services and expertise does Content Bloom offer its customers?

John: Around 90% of our projects are delivering SDL Web implementations. We have a really strong team, and we focus on creating internal expertise. We do this with a strong internal training program that focuses on mastering SDL Web inside and out. I really believe we have the best expertise out there in terms of implementations, upgrades and migrations.

We’re truly a global company, we have offices in the USA, Canada, Europe and we just opened an office in New Delhi, India. This gives us the ability to work on global projects and give our clients a 24-hour, always available team.

We’re also really proud of the fact that we have consistently won SDL Web MVP awards. Last year, out of the 20 or so awards given out, 6 MVP awards were given to Content Bloom consultants. This certainly shows our ability and commitment to the SDL community.

Nick: We really believe in sharing knowledge at Content Bloom. If you add more water to a full glass it just spills over. You have to share it. So we’ve created a strong sharing culture. If you’ve had a great implementation, spill it out and talk about. We figure this way everyone continues to learn more.

We want to be the world leader in content management implementations. Between the two of us, we have more than 30 years of experience. We’ve seen a lot of different trends come and go, but they all fall under the content realm. Companies still need that core content management.

Like SDL’s shift in the last year, we will continue to focus on what we’re good at and be exceptional."

What are the biggest challenges and primary goals you see your customers face?

John: We see a lot of companies finally starting to embrace targeted content. Companies want to offer content that’s relevant to their audience, tailored to their device.  We make sure that they understand what this means from a web application and content management perspective. The biggest challenges surround multiple channels and translations. As companies grow, they want to automate as much as possible. We work with our customers to implement complex architectures and integrating tools for custom targeting and digital asset management.

Nick: Yeah, we’re also seeing customers asking for more information about best practices. They see that SDL Web is powerful system and it needs good fundamentals around software development. For me, this really is about the fundamentals.

A solid implementation that takes into account the end-user perspective."

What does SDL Web offer your customers?

John: We’ve both worked with other web content management tools, but have found that you can do anything with SDL Web. You can produce sites in any technology, scale and load balance simply, with built-in functionality for translation, personalization and mobile device detection, building a global solution is possible with the SDL CMS. If we need to integrate with other tools, that’s also easy, the SDL Web API’s are the most advanced we’ve seen. SDL has made some good decisions with the way the products are built.

Nick: SDL Web had provided a great implementation of headless CMS and Content as a Service in version 8. For these kinds of implementations, the content management system is used to create and manage content, and then data can be published from SDL Web to any device really. Whether that’s a web browser, mobile phone, app, kiosk or even more obscure device within the realm of the Internet of Things. Who knows, maybe a toaster?

Basically a customer can use SDL Web to provide content for whatever they want to use it for."

What do you consider its greatest differentiator?

Nick: Really it’s the ability to have content management as a web service. It makes a broad variety of integrations possible. When you look at the different verticals – manufacturing, medical, travel, government and so on – the needs vary. They integrate with PIMs, online learning, billing and so on.

What SDL does really well is its web services model."

At first the notion of web services was like mysterious awesome thing. But now it has really matured and it’s what most business need. In the future I think batch jobs, exports and imports are going to be real-time. Content management sits by the heart of the entire operation since companies control customer-facing content with it.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

alchemy-web-storeJohn: One thing I really want to mention is our Alchemy Webstore. Content Bloom focuses on technical excellence and we wanted to put something out there that shows our ability and provides amazing SDL features for SDL Web customers. The Alchemy web store acts as an ‘app store’ for SDL Web, allowing users to add new functionality at the click of a button. We launched it eight or nine months ago and now we offer more than 20 plug-ins. More than 10 SDL Web customers have it installed and use it, and currently there are more than 200 users in the system.