SDL sm Video Localization Series Vol7

Part 7: Localizing your Videos: It’s a Wrap!

If you’ve read blogs 1-6 of this series, you now know how to do the upfront planning for the localization of your videos. But let’s recap the key concepts we’ve learned.

Always keep in mind that potential customers might make snap judgements about your products and services – as well as your company – based on the first thing they see. Videos have become more and more popular, so you need to make sure that:

All of these aspects will make or break the acceptance of your localized video. Make sure you select an experienced localization partner because only a savvy Media Project Manager will be able to ensure your global success. This very important aspect is sometimes overlooked.

At SDL, we make sure that Project Managers know the norms and preferences of the different markets and cultures, what types of videos require special handling, and what level of quality you should aim for. As your partners, they will also ensure that you are spending your localization budget wisely.

One of the best testimonials I ever heard from a client was from when they were advised not to localize the video they wanted. The Project Manager realized that the personality of the actor on the video was the driving factor. Its impact would be lost if a different voice were used to portray him, and subtitles would prevent the viewer from focusing on the actor and the message.

This blog series covered the upfront planning for the localization of your videos, but I’d like to leave you with a few additional resources. If you’d like to find out more about localizing your videos, and the best practices you should follow, please click here.