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SDL charitable endeavours: MicroLoan Foundation

MicroLoan helps the most marginalized women in Malawi and Zambia to develop entrepreneurial solutions to poverty and inequality. Through the provision of small loans and business training they are encouraged to run a small and sustainable business.

These businesses then generate profits and savings which they can spend on healthcare, food and education. With ongoing training and support, MicroLoan’s clients build the capacity of their businesses and in time secure long-term solutions to poverty.

With the support from SDL Foundation, MicroLoan will be able to provide more accurate and accessible data on how the provision of loans and business training are supporting its clients to progress out of poverty.

More about the SDL Foundation, a UK charity…

The SDL Foundation is a UK charity, registered with the Charity Commission (registered charity no. 1127138) and is managed by an independent Trustee committee, chaired by ex SDL CFO, Alastair Gordon. To show its commitment to the SDL Foundation, the SDL Board has resolved to donate a percentage of the Group’s pre tax profits to the SDL Foundation each year.

The SDL Foundation is committed to supporting charities and projects across the world which work with disadvantaged communities to provide sustainable aid through financial grants and educational and vocational training to help people become self sufficient.

If you would like to understand more regarding the Foundation and this aspect of SDL’s Corporate Social Responsibility then please contact SDLFoundation@sdl.com