SDL ETS AWS Marketplace

Accelerate Analytics Projects with Machine Translation on AWS Marketplace

Global businesses staying at the top of their game have expanded the use of machine translation (MT) from simply performing instant translations needed for communication to identifying application workflows that leverage MT without the need for human review.  Examples include generating multilingual content for websites, as well as analyzing multilingual user generated content. The uptake is also creating a shift to move away from free online MT, to enterprise-grade MT where vendors are mandated to address security, reliability, performance, quality, and interoperability with the rest of IT.  The release of SDL Enterprise Translation Sever (ETS) on AWS Marketplace addresses these enterprise requirements in a flexible, on-demand environment.

Organizations that require translation of high volumes of content for time sensitive projects such as eDiscovery, sentiment analysis, market intelligence, and more, are now able to consume a powerful MT service in an ad-hoc fashion that keeps data private.  I spoke with Matthew Hardy, VP of Customer Solutions at SDL to discuss why SDL has added a new deployment option for SDL ETS, a machine translation solution designed for secured enterprise translation needs.

1. Let’s first talk about SDL ETS. Describe what part of a business process SDL ETS fits in and what problems it solves?

MT is essential for any global business that wants to stay at the top of their game.  Instant translation of information to effectively do business and make decisions traverses numerous business processes and applications – internal corporate communications and collaboration to external customer engagement. SDL ETS was designed to deliver on-premise MT fifteen years ago for the government, and was since released commercially for enterprises due to the demand for secure MT. SDL ETS fulfills enterprise requirements for integration, large scale processing, customization, and services that online consumer MT tools cannot supply.

2. AWS Marketplace is the market leading online store that helps customers immediately start using software and services to build products and run their businesses. What is SDL ETS for Amazon Marketplace? What does SDL ETS bring to the table in terms of adding value to AWS Marketplace?

One of the innovations that the AWS Marketplace has brought is a new way to consume software in a cost-effective way.  And if you’re an enterprise and all your software strategy is to utilize AWS Marketplace, enterprise-grade MT must also be offered in the same way.  Enterprises cannot afford to use online consumer MT, as sensitive corporate information is then exposed to a public domain.

3. Tell us why SDL’s MT technology is unique?

SDL MT has been completely developed by our R&D team and does not rely on open source code or Third Party services.  This is invaluable to our customers, as SDL controls the end to end development of the MT and it’s Terms of Service to meet requirements instead of being dependent on an external research organization.  Also, we have brought to market a fully productized, enterprise grade offering where users don’t need to be MT experts to get the system up and running.

4. Flexibility in software and hardware consumption to keep up with changing business requirements are key reasons why customers move business applications to AWS Marketplace. How flexible is SDL ETS for AWS Marketplace? 

Customers are able to consume SDL ETS on AWS Marketplace in several ways.  We offer on-demand and term base licenses.  Clients can consume SDL ETS project-based, on-demand or full-year term, always-on processing.  We also understand that business requirements constantly change, requiring customers to dial up or down security.  MT applications that are developed on AWS Marketplace support this need for tailored security or can be later deployed with SDL MT on-premise products, client managed solution or multi-tenant, SDL managed solution.

5. How do I know if SDL ETS for AWS Marketplace is the right solution for me? 

Ideal use cases are projects that are time sensitive and require the translation of large volumes of data such as eDiscovery, sentiment analysis, information discovery, and more.  An example could be for a law practice where it is common to be given thousands of emails in a different language for processing by non-negotiable deadline.  SDL ETS on AWS Marketplace can be spun up and used to quickly translate large volumes of content into a language of choice. Then use your preferred search and analysis tool to do eDiscovery processing.  Similarly, to better understand your customer, large volumes of user-generated content in different languages can be quickly translated into language of choice for subsequent analysis.   Once your analysis is complete, you deactivate the SDL ETS instance and can reactive another day.

For more information visit SDL ETS for Amazon Marketplace.