ESG – The Regulation We Can All Get Behind

Not a year goes by without more regulation in the financial services industry.  The momentum behind regulation shows no sign of abating since its acceleration following the Financial Crisis of 2007; the challenge on organizations now is to create the operational framework that enables them to absorb new regulations as they emerge.  This requires a strategic effort to make new regulations part of the fabric of their everyday activities – to make them become “business as usual” as quickly as possible.
This challenge could be eased, however, with the next area of regulation focused on the investment industry – ESG or Environmental, Social and Governance.  This is quickly becoming a major discussion area with the release by the European Commission of their plans for forthcoming legislation on Sustainable Finance – its subject is not just a hot topic within the investment industry but it also resonates with the public’s consciousness which is acutely sensitive to some of the issues raised in the EGS debate.
Justifiable concerns over subjects like climate change and environmental destruction, modern slavery and exploitation, corporate diversity and equal opportunities, are fuelling the industry to develop investment vehicles that create a balance between investor returns and sustainability in all areas of ESG.  Even the Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, has recently added his voice to the debate with his warnings to the industry on the impact of ignoring the dangers of climate change.

This is the backdrop to SDL’s joint-hosting of a round-table event this week on ESG considerations among Asset Managers.  Working with reputation management consultancy Lansons and LuxFLAG, the Luxembourg Finance Labelling Agency, SDL is seeking to draw some conclusions from participants about the direction of ESG investing – specifically, is it just a buzzword in the industry or a lasting game-changer on a more responsible approach to investing?

SDL has long been a leader in the delivery not just of translation and content management solutions but, more specifically, of the deep knowledge required when applying these solutions to the particular language models, terminology and structures typical of a regulated industry.  To SDL, creating genuine value for customers from the creation, translation and delivery of content is very much about applying subject matter expertise to the treatment of that content, increasing relevance and reducing risk in the process.

So now that each of the elements of ESG are part of the mainstream dialogue between the industry and its customers, SDL will start applying its subject matter expertise also to the anticipated regulation that will seek to progress the sustainable principles to which so many of us now subscribe.

To learn more about our breakfast roundtable, ‘ESG – Just a buzzword or lasting game-changer?’ in London on 24th April 2019, please click here.  The discussion highlights will be featured in a follow up blog after the event takes place.