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Easily Translate Your Adobe Experience Manager Websites

For marketers, getting a website and its related content and assets translated is a common requirement as we operate globally. At SDL, we work with thousands of customers to translate their web assets to go into their web content management systems (WCMS), such as SDL Web or Adobe Experience Manager. But surprisingly we find that around 71% of companies don’t have a direct integration between their web content management system and translation management tools.

To make it easier to translate, SDL has built a series of integrations with leading WCMS providers to address this. Our goal is to streamline the translation process so that we help companies reach their markets faster, allowing them to scale to regional websites (if needed).

Today I’d like to highlight our SDL Translation Management Connector for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Built on top of the AEM Translation Framework, our connector allows you to leverage SDL’s human or machine translation expertise to localize your website content directly from within AEM. The connector is available for AEM 6.1, 6.2, and 6.3 and works with SDL TMS and SDL WorldServer.

As one of our most popular connectors, it makes it easy to select pages or assets available from within AEM, and with a few clicks send through as a project to SDL. Depending on your deployment, this will be sent to SDL TMS or SDL WorldServer. You’ll be able to monitor your translation project directly from AEM and perform tasks such as in-context preview and translation approval. You’ll also be able to select how you’d like to receive your translations back – such as new language copies or replacing your existing pages or assets.

Your project will also be enhanced by the many behind the scene benefits of using an SDL translation management system, such as time saved by reusing previous translations, easy reporting on your project spend, and optimizing your translation memory.

While this is a quick preview, I encourage Adobe Experience Manager customers to learn more about how SDL can help you go to market faster.

If you don’t have Adobe Experience Manager, but have SDL Web, you can learn how we help streamline the translation process.