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Customer Spotlight: A Billion Dollar Case for MT

Neural Machine Translation (NMT) is one of the hottest topics in the industry today. Largely because it offers companies the opportunity to communicate effectively in the native languages of not just their customers, but also their employees and partners. This is a challenge facing any brand that engages globally, and one that NMT is helping to solve on a daily basis.

We wanted to highlight just how much NMT can help transform the way big brands engage globally, so in addition to our own research we commissioned leading industry analyst firm, IDC, to speak to one of our customers about how they’re using the technology to solve real issues. The company’s revenues register over USD 10bn, they operate across 30 countries and serve 100,000 customers. It’s a truly global brand – and a perfect illustration of the powerful potential that NMT offers.

Secure collaboration and communication

Given the size and global reach of the business, it has a large team to translate customer-facing documentation, internal general business information, sensitive data assets, engineering documentation and intellectual property (IP). All of this needs translating fast, but it also needs to be highly secure. NMT provides the level of security required to collaborate internally, and externally.

As IDC points out, there are inherent risks with teams using ad-hoc translation processes in such a global environment. “Translation is an everyday reality for scores of global businesses, but the service itself and the associated risks are not always taken into detailed consideration. Without oversight, translation activities can both yield inconsistent results and cost more than necessary. More importantly, unmanaged translation activities can expose enterprises to data security risks and global regulatory challenges."

The company turned to SDL’s secure neural machine translation solution, an enterprise-grade tool that helps companies gain consistency in translation while reducing the risks of data exposure.

What emerged from IDC’s report were two key areas where NMT has helped transform the way this company engages with customers and colleagues globally: compliance and efficiencies throughout their content supply chain.

A decade of MT success

We’ve worked with this global brand for more than a decade, addressing operational efficiency challenges, and also supporting its requirements in areas from privacy to regulatory compliance.

For instance, one way we’ve helped remove any risk of employees leaking sensitive information externally is by simply giving everyone access to a secure translation portal with instant and high-quality translation available to everyone. This took away the need for anyone to use free online tools, which poses an enormous confidentiality risk.

The company also benefits from faster, and more efficient translation. NMT translation and project management tools – which give instant visibility across any translation project – allow them to efficiently translate more content without jeopardising quality.

By re-using previously translated content, the company can also ensure consistent translations across all languages. As IDC highlights, “even greater consistency occurs through continual learning and system training."

Compliance and operational efficiency across the translation supply chain are just two of the ways that NMT is helping brands engage with customers. With growing demands to translate more and more content, it looks like it’s only going to become more challenging for brands to drive efficiencies and secure their entire supply chain. This is where a secure NMT solution can help solve real business problems.

If you would like to read IDC’s full case study, please click here.