Covid-19: Lessons learned from our colleagues in China

COVID-19: Lessons Learned From our Colleagues in China

This blog comes to you as the UK Prime Minister announces tougher lockdown measures to protect citizens from the spread of the Coronavirus. Boris Johnson follows the lead from many countries already in full lockdown, who have taken severe steps to protect people after watching the virus escalate in Asia. For many of us around the world, it probably feels like we have gone from “watching a movie”, to all of a sudden “being inside the movie”. And no one knows this story better than our friends and colleagues in China who have been “inside this movie” for seven weeks already.
It was great to have the opportunity to hear from Nancy Tao, one of our leaders from China and understand how they’ve been adapting to new ways of working, their learnings and experiences, how they have navigated difficult moments, mined patience, adopted flexible working environments, and come to the realization that people and kindness are the key.
I must say I felt better after I had the video interview with Nancy and I hope that you will feel the same. As Nancy puts so well, let’s focus on building friendships in difficult times.