Cluj Endeavours 2

Contributing to the local community in Cluj


Two SDL Cluj colleagues, Alexandra Dumitrica and Raluca Tocmag, are on a mission to do what they can to help a primary school located in a local mountain village.

The school teaches children from surrounding areas, but a lack of teachers means classrooms are cramped with children of all ages being taught at the same time. To help out, Alexandra and Raluca offered to teach mathematics and literacy to special needs children from broken homes who aren’t able to attend lessons at the school.

‘A Warm Meal’

As part of a separate initiative, six other SDL Cluj colleagues volunteered to help a local organisation called ‘A Warm Meal’, which cooks meals for children, elderly people and the homeless.


A Warm Meal (O masa calda) was started in June 2013 by a group of professors and students at the Department of Political Science in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Today it prepares over 500 meals a week in three cities, each meal being served with fresh ingredients, meat and vegetables.