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A Look Back at Helping Our Customers Reach Global Heights in 2018

2018 proved to be another year of transition and change for SDL, but one where we feel we made tremendous progress in terms of the projects we delivered, technology advancements we made but also expanding and adding new talent to our team, with the coming together of SDL with Donnelley Language Solutions (DLS), to enhance our portfolio and add to our own language specialism.

As we have continued through our transformation journey, I would like to thank all our customers, partners and friends of SDL for your valued support over the course of the year, and say upfront that we believe we have paved the way for enormous opportunities during the year ahead, and we are excited to be working with all of you as we step into our future.

Upon reflection on what we have achieved in 2018, I am immensely proud of what the SDL team has been able to deliver. We kicked off the year on the 1 January by announcing our annual predictions – The Five Future States of Content – which showcased a series of conceptual ideas, predicting a future where content will create itself, organize itself, secure itself, be agile and be an organization’s best salesperson. Always committed to meeting market and customer demands, we have been focused on leading the charge in what’s next in content creation, translation and delivery across the content supply chain, and have worked hard to bring some of these innovations to fruition through 2018.

I am really proud of our recently updated technology line-up:

  • SDL Tridion DX, which combines the power of SDL Tridion Sites (web content management) and SDL Tridion Docs (structured content management), to provide a more continuous digital experience by ensuring companies can share taxonomies across content types for marketing and product content, for better search results, targeted content, consistency with industry standards and term bases, as well as better reporting.
  • Cloud-based Neural Machine Translation, with Edge Cloud capabilities that seamlessly connect the on-premises MT environment to provide secure ground-to-cloud deployment flexibility.
  • SDL Trados 2019, state of the art CAT translator solutions, designed to improve the user experience, increasing productivity levels for the whole translation team, and delivering unrivalled quality in translations.
  • SDL Content Assistant, powered by Hai, SDL’s Linguistic AI, automates, accelerates and enhances the derivative content creation process.
  • SDL Language Cloud, which as an end-to-end localization platform changes the traditional approach to managing content projects to achieve greater agility, helping users think about their processes and automate them.
  • SDL Accessibility Solution, to help companies ensure their content and digital experiences are universally accessible and meet global regulatory compliance.
  • SDL Multilingual Website solution, which enables organizations to experiment with automatically translated web pages and identify which content should be sent for more refined human translation.

We also made big strides in helping leading brands develop their own Global Content Operating Model (GCOM), addressing their most complex content and language challenges as they engage with global audiences. As companies struggle to handle the growing volume and velocity of content, a GCOM integrates all the elements of the content supply chain, breaking down departmental silos and bringing information together in a way that helps companies automate and optimize content delivery across the entire customer journey. This opens the door to communicating with, and understanding, employees and potentially millions of customers in their own language, and on their device of choice, while increasing higher customer engagement, increased conversion rates, and increased customer satisfaction.

The crescendo for me this year, however, was the joining forces with Donnelly Language Solutions (DLS), and welcoming them into the SDL family. Acquiring DLS was a significant moment for us, and one that I am thrilled to say has been a success so far in terms of internal integration and feedback from customers. With both companies having grown up with language services roots, and having been leaders in the industry for over 26 years, DLS has brought SDL a strong background domain expertise and local market knowledge, especially for specialized verticals like Financial Services and Life Sciences. Together we have been able to bring our complementary business models, offerings, technology and client bases together and align our strategies to provide our customers with even better service than we had in the past, helping them address their content supply chain challenges for not just product and marketing content, but also all their regulated content – all in all a winning combination!

And our joint proposition has resonated well with our customers. Having spoken to over 100 of you this year, it’s clear to me that delivering premium solutions, alongside value, and unparalleled customer service and support is one you value and a mantra we live by. When I first took on the role of CEO, I was surprised to find that for a company with a wide portfolio of offerings and capabilities, most of our customers only had a discrete offering or two from us. This meant we left it to our customers to do the heavy lifting of integrating the final solution together. We are changing that, to build out solutions from across the content supply chain that are tailored for you and your business model.

As our industry continues to be transformed by technology, we are committed to helping our customers be the beneficiary of that trend. I am excited by the prospects we have next year, and I sincerely hope you are too, so please stay tuned for more to come from SDL.

As we head into the final days of the year, I wish everyone health and happiness, and look forward to connecting with you all in 2019.