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SDL Re:Connect: A New Event Experience Using Language and Content to Stay Connected

While every global organization has had to adjust business operations to adapt to this new world, what we navigate through next is still uncertain. One thing we can control, however, is how we communicate, and when, what and how we communicate has never been more critical. Tone of voice, language, cultural nuances and delivery platforms all need to be considered carefully, before content and communications are pushed out to audiences across the globe.

To help you prepare for a future where we will all rely on more digital content, communication, collaboration, and where your audience need to hear from you most, SDL launches Re:Connect, a series of thought-provoking sessions where you can learn how to stay connected through language and content during these challenging times. We will provide an environment for you to interact with like-minded people, while sharing experiences, knowledge and solutions to help you get the most out of your content strategy and digital reach.

However, we appreciate that time is precious and many of you are juggling work, life, and other commitments as the world resets. Re:Connect is constructed in a way that enables you to enjoy the whole series, dip in and out of live virtual sessions according to your business needs or watch on demand at a time that suits you. Register your interest here.

Embracing the newmality—staying connected through language and content

Kicking off the series, SDL CEO Adolfo Hernandez will address the five dimensions of brand equity, continuity of business, clarity of communication and seamless content delivery. This session will map out how to navigate the complex global communications landscape with ease, whilst enhancing trusted brand presence through intelligently structured content, delivered in multiple languages in a timely, productive, secure and compliant way. We will also be hosting an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session with our executive team, to answer questions on how to embrace our newmality in a digital world.

Moving on from SDL Connect 2020, we will also host sessions that address your language and content challenges, what can be done to overcome these and the solutions available that deliver to your business needs.

Translating intelligently in 2020 and beyond

Localization and the translation of content is an essential requirement to support worldwide distributed audiences and workforces to cement the customer and client relationship. There really are no excuses for not reaching your core audiences rapidly, frequently and in a meaningful way.

In an open panel, SDL localization experts will address why local language engagement, greater automation of processes and machine learning to translate faster has never been more paramount. Forced to revisit content and digital strategies, organizations are looking at ways to increase productivity with the co-existence of automated solutions alongside human expertise. By combining people, process and technology, the SDL team will address how you can optimize your content supply chain, and will answer questions on our approach to language services, translation management, and productivity.

Intelligent Content in 2020 and beyond

In the year that business continuity faced its biggest challenge, clarity has never mattered more than today. The need to motivate, inspire, inform and engage a remote employee base alongside seamless self-service customer interactions means that content needs to be intelligent, consistent and well-packaged.

Through a combination of presentations and panel discussions, SDL experts will Re:Connect with you by talking through our approach to content management, the reality of a digital workplace, and how to optimize existing resources to ensure that inter-dependencies are maintained and enhanced as ‘business as usual’ practices evolve.

We will address the platforms required to increase content productivity and personalization, whilst simplifying technology integrations into existing ecosystems. Being able to deliver such bespoke content at scale is the differentiator that flicks the engagement and adoption switch in stakeholders, and we are on hand to tell you more.

Maintaining regularity in 2020 and beyond

Regulated industries and the associated specific security and compliance pressures require solutions that do not compromise the integrity of processes and content. Overcoming complex language and content challenges are what our solutions do best, to optimize processes, provide content clarity and cut-through noise while controlling risk. Sector experts from our Regulated Industries team will be on hand to simulate discussion around irregular challenges in a regulated industry.
Through the integration of language services, language technology and content management, we can address how to drive efficiencies, exercise more content control and reduce costs, while protecting customers and your businesses. By adopting agile and versatile language and content solutions you can navigate through every economic environment while communicating more effectively.