SDL is Excited to Partner with Tagence

Early today, SDL announced a partnership with Tagence to help companies create, manage and deliver content within a structured environment. We caught up with Ian Schue, director of technology at Tagence, about the company, future plans, and how Tagence offers a wealth of enterprise compliance and change-management expertise to global customers.

Tell us a little about Tagence

Tagence is a small diversified engineering and technology company, focused on helping customers do intelligent things with their data. Our name, “Tagence,” comes from the words DATA and INTELLIGENCE, reflecting our existing expertise in information management and a forward-looking interest in helping organizations to understand, control and use all of their business data in effective ways.

At Tagence, we provide business content and records management solutions, business process analysis, automation, and advisory services to government, not-for-profit and commercial clients. Our customers, such as the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, Securities & Exchange Commission, and the National Geographic Society rely on Tagence to solve their business problems with the right mix of technology and expertise. With the help of our experienced team, our clients mitigate risk, become more efficient, and gain new insight from their enterprise content.

What products and services does Tagence have expertise with?

We’re a team of solution experts and are very well-rounded and experienced in a variety of competencies in order to be effective customer advocates. We don’t focus on one particular product. Instead, we work with our customers holistically to create a fusion between technologies and business practices. Our team is skilled in requirements gathering, solution design, change management, content collaboration, workflow design, business analysis, ROT (Redundant, Obsolete, Trivial) data analysis, and various development technologies including ColdFusion and XML. We’re experienced in working with both the Commercial and Government spaces, including the contract and proposal processes and regulations that exist in each space.

Tagence was born out of the compliance space, specializing in enterprise implementations of structured records and case-management systems. When putting a solution in place that will not only handle a wide spectrum of a customer’s critical data, but also ensure it is compliant with their business regulatory requirements, it requires a meticulous approach and understanding of everything involved. We continue to expand our portfolio organically to include case management systems, eDiscovery and dark-data tools, business collaboration, web development, and now componentized content management solutions with our SDL partnership.

Why partner with a company like SDL?

One of the most exciting aspects of working with customers is getting to learn about how they do business. What do their daily lives look like, exploring the way data is used and moved around, and understanding the bottlenecks or efficiency gaps that exist. Then being able to address those processes as customer advocates and demonstrate solutions that can effect real improvements and ROI. Something that comes up very regularly is that businesses and government agencies tend to focus on the storage and movement of whole files and frequently get wrapped up on processes that are heavy on duplication and redundancy because they lack an effective way to know what they have and how to put it together. We noticed that many of our customers spent quite a bit of time each day chasing down the correct versions of their content, trying to organize large amounts of duplicates in copy-style collaboration approaches, and even more time was spent trying to keep regulated and policy-driven formats under control. When translation requirements are present, this compounds matters even more, as there will be at least one whole new set of content going around.

We looked at this situation and said, “There has to be a better way!” That was when we started exploring componentized content management solutions (CCMS) which looks more on the individual content within the documents and helps focus and drive collaboration where it is most needed. After a somewhat lengthy research period, during which we explored multiple CCMS products and companies, we identified SDL as a strong leader with a portfolio of solutions that we felt could fill customers’ needs. At the same time, during communications with SDL, Tagence’s capabilities with implementing solutions and Change Management pair well with SDL’s overall solutions.

How does Tagence differ from other SDL partners?

Tagence has come to the CCMS space from a different direction than most SDL partners. We found that a lot of partners had DITA and XML development teams and content designers at the start from existing business and customer needs, and grew from there. At Tagence, we support customers from the governance and compliance side of business processes. From the data-aspect of operations, Tagence is focused on eDiscovery and Change Management aspects of implementing enterprise solutions. Our SME’s are skilled at identifying customer business processes and driving efficiency and data intelligence from the macro level, and with SDL are now positioned to support customers at the content component level, too. 

In addition to our experience working with enterprise systems and customer data, Tagence also has extensive experience working in the government space, and is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). As an American-owned small business, we see our strengths in our ability to work with customers to implement solutions, effect change management, and coordinate solution aspects across teams of partners and experts.