SDL Reconnect

There's Never Been a Better Time to Re:Connect

With an intense start to 2020, as we and our customers adapted to the new circumstances brought about by the global pandemic, in June we hosted a series of virtual events called Re:Connect to stay in touch with our customers and prospects. Over 1,200 attendees participated in the interactive sessions and were invited to continue the conversation with SDL and other customers on the SDL Community. The four one-hour sessions focused on business continuity, furthering companies’ digital reach and enabling them to reach their content strategy goals. In case you couldn't join us, here we provide a round-up of each session.

Session 1: Staying Connected through Language and Content

SDL's CEO Adolfo Hernandez launched the series by sharing SDL’s efforts to establish a new normal during this spring’s COVID-19 lockdown. Adolfo credited SDL’s business continuity success to staying better connected through listening, sharing, talking and collaborating in today’s digitally accelerated era, as well as SDL’s innovations in Linguistic AI, automation service excellence, intelligent content management solutions and end-to-end cloud language platform.

Chief Technology Officer, Azad Ootam, joined Adolfo in the session and offered his advice to prepare for unforeseen business interruptions. “Plan and rehearse. When COVID came and we had to action our plan, we had already done the groundwork for a smooth transition,” Azad said. “Don’t be frightened of trying something new.”

A preview of SDL’s new secure and self-service translation platform, SLATE, wrapped up the session. With instant access, easy to understand subscription plans and fast turnarounds, SLATE is backed by human expertise and SDL Language Cloud to deliver professional quality translations at the speed of business.

Session 2: Translating Intelligently in 2020 and Beyond

Moderated by Andrew Thomas, SDL Senior Director of Marketing, this second session featured a panel of SDL localization experts examining three challenges straining today’s translation efforts:

  • Volume: Multiple content types, high numbers of small projects, translator capacity
  • Velocity: Source content locked in multiple repositories, different solutions for each content type, manual processes
  • Quality: Different quality for different needs, imperfect local nuance and poor specialized knowledge (compliance, regulations, security)

To overcome these challenges, increase efficiencies and make effective delivery possible, the panel concluded that intelligent translation is needed. For many companies, the optimal solution will include integrated elements that incorporates technology, connectivity and a machine-first, human-optimized approach.

A poll of participants found that their highest translation priorities were to increase automation and scale production, and the panel noted how SDL’s solutions support these efforts. Intuitive dashboards, powerful automation and smart integrations with both content management platforms and SDL Trados Studio has enabled SDL Language Cloud to meet today’s localization needs while future-proofing for tomorrow.

Looking ahead, the panel agreed that SDL Trados Live will revolutionize linguist productivity by giving them the freedom to work when they want and where they want, all while harnessing the full power of SDL Trados Studio. From the ongoing discussion and Q&A, it is clear that participants appreciated SDL’s multi-faceted approach to translation and commitment to being a true business partner.

Session 3: Staying Connected with Customers: Solutions for the Finance and Legal Sectors

As they become more globally connected and multi-jurisdictional, preparing for the unexpected and ensuring business continuity have become top priorities for the finance and legal sectors. In Re:Connect’s third session, SDL's EVP of Regulated Industries Christophe Djaouani examined the impact of COVID-19 on time-to-market for regulated industries.

As the pandemic spread globally, legal and financial firms grappled with maintaining customer service levels. Ensuring compliance, minimizing security risks and optimizing secure workflows, all while under regulatory and auditability scrutiny, posed significant challenges. This, combined with the demand to get content to market faster, left many legal and financial firms overwhelmed.

To address this, Christophe recommended getting involved in the content development process as early as possible since the up-front time investment pays dividends later. Christy Ma, APAC Regional VP of Regulated Industries, agreed, but noted early involvement isn’t always possible. For these companies, Christy suggested other optimizations, such as machine translation, artificial intelligence and workflow automation.

Christophe and Christy ended the session by noting a well-defined, end-to-end content strategy combined with a trusted partner offering customized solutions is a winning strategy to accelerate time-to-market.

Session 4: Intelligent Content in 2020 and Beyond

Arjen van den Akker, SDL's Director of Product Marketing, hosted the final Re:Connect session on the evolution of content collation and creation. As organizations grapple with content volumes, quality and fragmentation, new challenges around findability, comprehension, relevance, consistency and compliance have arisen.

To address these varied issues, Arjen shared a vision for SDL Tridion. The capabilities timeline featured cloud enhancements, Linguistic AI, security and access to a technology ecosystem—key drivers for business productivity and continuity. He also highlighted The Forrester Wave™: Intranet Platforms, Q2 2020 Report, which demonstrates SDL’s maturity in the marketplace with “strengths that few other vendors can claim…and relatively mature use of AI.”

In the lively Q&A session, participants asked about Linguistic AI, knowledge graphs to map out organizations and concepts and easier and centralized knowledge sharing. The Q&A also examined the search functionality utilized to support effective and accurate content extrapolation and multi-factor authentication to enable secure and easy access.

The final Re:Connect session was an energizing conclusion to the four SDL virtual events. We hope you will continue the conversation online in the SDL Community and at our 2021 Connect event next March 2-3, 2021 in Santa Clara, California. Plan to join us now—it’s never too early to register!