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LINKing Up: Our New Way We Engage With Customers

We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to engage with our customers. Likewise, our customers are always looking for new and innovative ways to use SDL’s technologies to solve their own unique content problems. While we already provide many opportunities globally for us to interact and engage with you, our valued customers, we are also always looking at how we bring engagement and innovation closer together.

Our answer is LINK!

Today we are launching a new way to engage with you through corporate events and communities, designed to help you learn from your peers, share insights and maximise your ROI in SDL’s offerings. 

You could be using our content management solutions to digitize your business. Or you could be using any of our language technologies and services to translate content and engage with global audiences. Alternatively, you could be a technical writer working on structured content, or a CIO driving a digital transformation across multiple countries. However you are working with SDL today, we are finding that more and more of our customers are looking to tightly integrate these (traditionally) separate technological areas to manage content.

And how do we know this? Through SDL’s 100+ events a year, we are talking to each other, learning from each other and discovering from each other, that the only way to really conquer the “going global” challenge is to embrace content and language services together. 

In comes LINK!

At SDL, we want to provide more ways for you to learn from each other. As one attendee to SDL Connect explained last year, “One of the best ways of addressing challenges is to hear from others. Particularly from different industries, who often face the same problems but tackle them in very different ways.” 

Any SDL customer event, communication or webinar will now focus on one of the following areas – or two, three or four – giving you a clear indication of what you can expect to get out of taking part:

  • Learn: Find out how your peers are tackling their own challenges and what you can learn from them. Hear from industry experts, thought leaders and visionaries about how you can prepare your business today, for any challenge that lies ahead tomorrow.
  • Innovate: Discover how to improve your own businesses and innovation by learning how others use SDL’s technology in cutting-edge ways. You can also see, first-hand, SDL’s technology in action, before others get the chance. 
  • Network: Engage with peers and exchange ideas, and get closer to those responsible for bringing SDL technology to market.
  • Know: Find out how to maximize your investment in SDL technology, and learn about additional tech and services that can help your role, team or organization.

We’ll be rolling out the LINK program over the coming weeks, months and into 2020. And not just through our events. If you receive a newsletter, attend a webinar, partake in a developer day or belong to a User Group – in fact, attend any of our corporate sessions, expect to Learn, Innovate, Network and get to Know how SDL can transform your business.