7 Tips for a Smooth Localization Project: Part Two

When working with a Localization Service Provider (LSP) you know they will be taking care of your project from handoff to delivery. However, with any new project or relationship, there are still some important considerations – what are the SLAs, how do you track quality of translations, and how do you get the most for your budget? 

A few weeks ago we embarked on a journey to explore the core elements to creating a smooth localization project – from looking at the basics of setting up the project – and running – to successful localization. Our first blog, Establish your Service Level Agreement (SLA), offered some advice on establishing the right service level agreements (SLA), and here we give tops for getting to know our project manager. In this part, we will be looking at getting to know your project manager, and how best to work with them to get the best out of your project.

Get to know your project manager

In the eyes of localization your Project Manager (PM) is your best friend and is there to make your life easier. They will drive the entire process and coordinate all parties involved, including engineers, DTPers, translators, reviewers, testers and more. They will also watch out for glitches in the process and find solutions. 

Keep in mind that your PM can only operate on the information you give them. The more they know upfront, the better they will be able to drive your project to successful completion without bothering you for missing information. 

Your SLA extends to your Project Manager. While your SLA with the LSP will dictate contractual obligations, your SLA with your PM will cover process details, such as: 

  • Workflow: This will determine the phases of your project and how your internal resources, such as SMEs, will be involved in the query and review processes. 
  • Communication: Depending on your needs, you could have daily, scrum-style update meetings or maybe you’d prefer to be informed only when problems arise. 
  • Action approval: Would you like to approve every decision and action in your project? Or does your PM have the freedom to do whatever is necessary? 

Next time:Learn about providing quality source material for translation. In the meantime, check out our Language Services at SDL.