Xenia Walters

Xenia Walters

Chief Financial Officer

Some of Xenia’s most rewarding moments are when former team members come back and say: “Those tough times we went through and that really challenged us, those were also some of the best. I learned so much.” Xenia has a passion for guiding people to their full potential. 

She enjoys rolling up her sleeves and getting in the trenches to build something of lasting value, and that includes helping people on her team reach their full potential. Though her current role as CFO doesn’t leave her much time for coaching, “I make it a point to recognize the people I work with.” 

“I’m not someone who closes my office door to work away from others. I enjoy the interaction and the active, energetic involvement with my team. I feel the human element makes us more effective.” 

Her open, direct and energetic style are infectious and fit well within the SDL brand and team. 

Outside of work her passions include her family, cycling (look for her at our charity Palace to Palace ride), skiing and dining out. 

Xenia is 20+ years post qualified as a Chartered Accountant, having qualified with Price Waterhouse, and her experience is a hybrid of private-equity backed and PLC environments. She holds an MBA from Henley Management College.