Thomas Labarthe

Thomas Labarthe

Chief Revenue Officer

Thomas Labarthe likes to learn, constantly. 

“There is a minimum set of routines that we all need to do to survive,” he says. “But beyond that, I like to be more flexible and am always keen to discover new things so I try not to stick to the conventional path.” 

Throughout his career, he has chosen roles based on what he can learn while executing them and he loves to learn when he’s not working too. To relax, he learns new styles of guitar playing. (One of his favorite styles: flamenco. One of his favorite flamenco guitarsts: Paco de Lucia). 

And that desire to keep learning bodes well, because at SDL, Labarthe is in charge of helping SDL grow where it hasn’t grown before. Besides Corporate Development, he is also in charge of incubator opportunities and complex topics like machine translation and machine learning. 

“I think it’s clear now that any business needs to be digital to survive and grow,” he says. “The ones that are going to grow the fastest are the ones that understand how to leverage machine learning in order to digest the data they have at their disposal and make sense of it to improve their business.” 

He’s excited about exploring new ways for machine learning to work in tandem with SDL’s cast of talented translators and linguists. 

“I’m fascinated by the interaction between what machines do best and what humans do best,” he says. “How do you capture the best of both worlds? I believe that SDL is a really fascinating company in that regard, because it’s a human-based business that's really pro machine-learning technology and it is why we can be a true leader in our market. That's the main reason I decided to join the company.”