Massimo Ghislandi

Massimo Ghislandi

EVP Translation Productivity

Like many SDL executives, Massimo Ghislandi travels extensively. He’s often in China and Japan, where SDL is expanding rapidly but also spends time in Stuttgart, Chicago, and Italy. 

“We normally go to Milan, sometimes Bologna, sometimes Rome,” he says. “Milan is one of the places where we’ve done the most events, and coincidentally, that's where I'm from. 

Ghislandi’s specific reason for frequent travel is that he’s in charge of the Translation Productivity Software part of the business. That means a lot of time on the ground in SDL’s global offices where the Translation Productivity teams are based. Ghislandi himself speaks English, Italian and a little a Spanish. 

“I enjoy meeting new people and experiencing new cultures, which helps,” he says. “Some people aren’t comfortable with that - they don’t enjoy ‘new’ or ‘unusual’, whereas, if you’re open-minded, embrace differences, and enjoy diversity, you're going to have a much more enjoyable traveling experience, across all things, from people’s habits to what they eat, to working with all different types of cultures.” 

Ghislandi spent a decade in various marketing positions at Wandel Goltermann, ITT Cannon, and Avery Dennison before joining SDL in 2006.